16 January 2023

BIM-Connected 5 years ğŸŽˆ

Last month we celebrated our 5th anniversary together with friends and colleagues from our network. It is incredibly beautiful to see that this organization of one person 5 years ago has grown into an energetic club of almost 20 colleagues, divided over a consultancy and software team. Started with the belief to bring the construction […]

7 October 2022

DigiDare Award top 3

We finished top 3 in the DigiDare award 2022! 🏅 Together with TenneT and Qirion we built and implemented a data checking portal. The award rewards succesful examples of digital collaboration in practice. Out of 45 other projects from the built environment the juri selected us to be in the top 3. We are very proud of this result! […]

25 July 2022

DigiDare Award 2022 | Video about BIM-Connected’s nominated case

Watch the video (in Dutch) of our nomination project for the DigiDare Awards 2022 below. 2 Weeks ago, a film crew visited us to make a video about our nomination project, a collaboration with TenneT and Qirion. Together with TenneT and Qirion, BIM-Connected has drawn up an ILS (information delivery specification), tested and updated where […]

23 June 2022

DigiDare Award | BIM-Connected selected for shortlist

BIM-Connected, together with its partners TenneT and Qirion (part of Alliander), has been selected for our joint submission of inspiring examples of digital collaboration in our sector. Out of 45 submitters, we are selected for the shortlist of 10 initiatives. The aim of this initiative was to provide TenneT, as a client, with structured and […]

1 April 2022

Added value of BIM for Facility Management

Ries Bode (Chairman digiGO.nu), Jan Fokke Post (business consultant Planon) our colleague Fred Kloet made the first of the in total two podcasts (Dutch) about the connection between Facility Management, BIM and DSGO (Digital System Built Environment). You can find the article and podcast over here. Interesting note is importance of the chain cooperation in […]

10 January 2022

Communication between humans and computers

‘Airplanes don’t fly like birds’ In the December edition of the university magazine !ntervisiE, Bob van Thiel devotes a short article to the importance of communication between humans and computers in the digital transition in the built environment. It is not a ‘given’ that advanced technology ‘just solves’ our contemporary challenges and problems. The digital […]

16 November 2021

Data driven Facility Management as core value in 2022

Are you drowning in data to optimize the maintenance of your buildings? Curious about how BIM can help you structure your Asset information? Interested in the BIM visualization of the state of your physical asset? Data-driven Facility Management is one of the core themes for 2022. This is endorsed by FMN – Facility Management Netherlands. […]

28 September 2021

Demo BIM-Bridge – Briefbuilder connection | Comparing IFC models with requirements

Together with Briefbuilder we set up a demo about comparing IFC models with requirements by using BIM-Bridge and Briefbuilder. Our platform BIM-Bridge has a dedicated module for BriefBuilder data. This module can be used to compare and verify data concerning spaces: Quantities of spaces Sizes of spaces The placement of fittings, fixtures and furniture in spaces Other kinds […]

17 September 2021

BIM-Connected knowledge sessions

(internal) Knowledge sharing is a high priority at BIM-Connected. Started again today with a knowledge session at the office. This was about the strengths of BIM-Bridge (demo). Next week discussion and question and answer on: Why semantic web / linked data? The week after: Reasoning and semantics workshop. Glad we can do this again at […]