The BIM-Bridge is for everyone who wants to get more out of their (BIM) data within construction and asset management processes. The building information model contains semantic information about your asset(s). This offers many possibilities for smart structuring, capturing and sharing data of assets. The BIM solutions are often application-oriented and for one specific stage within the construction or management and maintenance process. This takes much effort and ensures that much time and data is still lost in transferring data.

Although, there are more and more connections between software applications. The BIM-Bridge offers the functionality to do what is needed with your BIM data. Based on the BIM-model, it can provide the assets captured in core applications with the necessary data. This is based on existing information standards in our industry. In this way deliveries to and from external organisations will run smoothly. Discover which bridge functions the BIM-Bridge can fulfill your issues or goals!

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By using the BIM-Bridge you shorten your lead time by bridging the gap between the construction and management and maintenance stage. For example, the BIM data is used as a basis in maintenance applications and data (such as an multi-year maintenance plan) can be viewed in your BIM-model. In this case you are able to visualise your assets in 3D. Using BIM-Bridge saves time, costs, frustration and data entry errors. Online dashboards provide insight into quality of the (linked) data sets. This ensures re-entry of data is something of the past and you are able to focus on value-adding activities. BIM-Bridge can be used in combination with Planon, O-Prognose and BriefBuilder software.


Being able to easily check whether the information in your BIM-model meets the requirements is easier said than done. Especially in this time of digital transition with extensive standards and much data. The BIM-Bridge has a large number of data checks available for validation in relation to standards, laws and regulations and organisation-specific requirements. Perfect for milestone checking of your design or set of requirements and immediately gaining insight into missing information. Or to check whether the supplied dataset does meet your requirements. Any other need for data checks? Contact us for the possibilities!


Each BIM dataset describes a piece of physical reality that you can analyse. BIM-Bridge captures a set of analysis. Three examples: calculating the Environmental Performance Buildings (MPG), calculating daylight entry from a permit application and calculating the lettable floor area of a building according to NEN 2580. Do you have an interesting business case? We are happy to accept the challenge!


BIM-Connected offers support services for implementing and using the BIM-Bridge. The BIM-Bridge offers specific functionalities that fits within a clear process and by using systems which are tuned based on standards.

We know that this is not always the case. In addition to the functionalities the quality of BIM data can be improved. We offer the service to improve the use of data and BIM implementation in your organisation.