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For your complex digital asset management issues

We love to help people through creative, smart and value-adding IT solutions. We want smart IT ecosystems in which data is entered once and used multiple times. After which it is displayed in the correct way in other systems, in the right place within and outside the organisation. Combining the right person with data at the right place can ensure a focus on the creative and smart use of data to achieve business goals. We want that for everyone! Whether it is called information management, BIM or SE, a combination, or something else, does not matter to us. We see that Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs are able to really allow you to take control of your data; therefore we have become proficient in this.

The bigger the scale of the project, the better. The industries in which we operate are the construction, infrastructure and energy industry. There, many organisations work in several (project)phases on the largest and most complex projects, where it is rare that data is only relevant for one party. We are ready to help and solve these challenges. We are active in the entire spectrum from data to wisdom: from drawing up the data schemes to developing and implementing a new robust and future-proof method. From performing a data migration to teaching future engineers at Eindhoven University of Technology. Making data valuable!

Society has unprecedented technical possibilities. It is in the interest of all of us that the realisation and maintenance of the largest systems for transport, energy and construction works remain affordable and of high quality. Given the importance of the right information at the right place, the software parties should work together to facilitate business in practice. This happens, thankfully, and the infamous vendor lock-in will lose to collective partnership. However, the battle is not over yet, a continuous collaboration between the users and the software independent IT workers is required. After all, the technology alone is not enough. There is a bridging function to be fulfilled between the multidisciplinary work processes, determining and obtaining the management information and the use of IT technology. We facilitate this bridging function. with the specialisation in IT technology and with domain knowledge of our industries.

The rewards of digitalisation and automation can be reaped by those who master the technology. We have this expertise and can act as an extension of any organisation. We support clients and contractors in our industries to collectively achieve a higher level of capturing and exchange of information . We are fans of transcending organisational standards. With a good dose of humour, fighting spirit and substantive knowledge, we take our clients on a journey! And yes, a lot of stories can be told of our travels in tackling the legacy and implementing new ways of working. With perseverance, substantive discussion, sometimes a bit of politics and openness to new insights. We are happy to contribute our (digital) bit to really solving asset management issues and think it is great to witness the developments in our markets!

van Tol

Software developer


Intern software development

van Alphen

Office manager


Software developer



Jakko Heinen

Founder / Managing partner




Software developer

van den Bersselaar


Miltos Gatzios


Lucas Verhelst

Partner / Consultant


BIM for Facility Management strategist

van der Straaten

Intern software development


Product Owner



Bob van Thiel
van Thiel

Managing partner / Consultant


Managing partner / Consultant



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Medior/senior Information manager | IT business consultant

Working at BIM-Connected means working at a growing, cool, energetic and pioneering company. We work on an optimal service for our clients in a professional and individual way. We work… Read more

BIM/Data engineer

Starter (1 to 2 years)
Working at BIM-Connected means working at a growing, cool, energetic and pioneering company. We work on an optimal service for our clients in a professional and individual way. We work… Read more

BIM-Connected's workplace

Freedom and responsibility

How we do our work is more important than where and when we do it. Good work is always our number one priority. We work towards that goal together, each in his/her own way. You get that space.


Know what you can do and let it be noticed, seen and heard. We all do that and especially towards our clients. We know very well where our strengths and our limits are and we propagate that. Clear and with conviction, in words and solutions.


We work seriously and purposefully, but there is always space for humor and relaxation. ‘Brabant’s conviviality’ is part of us. The informal atmosphere in combination with little to no hierarchy ensures connection and gives positive energy.


We surprise our clients by minimally exceeding their expectations. We are able to do this because we have up-to-date knowledge, the latest techniques and perseverance in-house. It is our natural drive.

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