6 September 2023

BIM-Connected in magazine !NTERVISIE

Bob van Thiel and Salma Abdelsamie wrote an article about BIM in the energy industry and life as a trainee / starter at BIM-Connected in magazine !NTERVISIE. !NTERVISIE is the magazine of the master track Construction Management and Engineering (CME) at the Eindhoven University of Technology and it’s made by study association Of CoUrsE!

You can read the article over here.

1 April 2022

Added value of BIM for Facility Management

Ries Bode (Chairman digiGO.nu), Jan Fokke Post (business consultant Planon) our colleague Fred Kloet made the first of the in total two podcasts (Dutch) about the connection between Facility Management, BIM and DSGO (Digital System Built Environment). You can find the article and podcast over here.

Interesting note is importance of the chain cooperation in our industry. Read our blogs about chain cooperation on our website: https://blog.bim-connected.com/

10 January 2022

Communication between humans and computers

‘Airplanes don’t fly like birds’

In the December edition of the university magazine !ntervisiE, Bob van Thiel devotes a short article to the importance of communication between humans and computers in the digital transition in the built environment. It is not a ‘given’ that advanced technology ‘just solves’ our contemporary challenges and problems. The digital transition stands for moving, taking along, learning and adapting and acceptance of people. Creating support and deploying the right expertise to use computer and data-driven work for the user and the process to be followed.

!ntervisiE magazine