16 January 2023

BIM-Connected 5 years 🎈

Last month we celebrated our 5th anniversary together with friends and colleagues from our network. It is incredibly beautiful to see that this organization of one person 5 years ago has grown into an energetic club of almost 20 colleagues, divided over a consultancy and software team. Started with the belief to bring the construction industry and IT closer together, to fulfill that bridging function ourselves. The belief in the use of open standards. Our mission to achieve a higher level of information capture and exchange. Our drive to be and remain innovatively strong, but to keep it practically applicable.

We toast to more beautiful years, where we continue to take steps with everyone in data-driven working and thereby create added value in the built environment.

7 October 2022

DigiDare Award top 3

We finished top 3 in the DigiDare award 2022! 🏅

Together with TenneT and Qirion we built and implemented a data checking portal.

The award rewards succesful examples of digital collaboration in practice. Out of 45 other projects from the built environment the juri selected us to be in the top 3. We are very proud of this result!

We want to thank digiGO.nu and BIM Loket for organising this competition and congratulate the winner.

25 July 2022

DigiDare Award 2022 | Video about BIM-Connected’s nominated case

Watch the video (in Dutch) of our nomination project for the DigiDare Awards 2022 below. 2 Weeks ago, a film crew visited us to make a video about our nomination project, a collaboration with TenneT and Qirion.

Together with TenneT and Qirion, BIM-Connected has drawn up an ILS (information delivery specification), tested and updated where necessary. The testing process was based on a real ongoing project for which TenneT is the client and Qirion the contractor. The aim of TenneT, and its ILS, is to receive structured and reliable data from the contractor. An unique tool to support this process is the BIM-Connected data control portal, which allows the contractor to check its own data (BIM models in IFC and alphanumeric data) against TenneT’s requirements. Quick insight, quick response to errors and garantee of delivering qualitative data during the process.

What makes this project special is that this is an example project for other parties, especially clients such as asset owners. Namely, well known industry standards have been applied. Think of the BIM standard ISO 19650, geometric data based on IFC, alphanumeric data based on Linked Data (NEN 2660) and the data exchange based on ICDD (ISO 21597). In addition, the TenneT standards EIR (Exchange Information Requirements), GIR (Geometric Information Requirements) and the ILS.

Would you like to know more about this nominated project? Contact Jakko Heinen – jakko.heinen@bim-connected.com – 06 53339382.

23 June 2022

DigiDare Award | BIM-Connected selected for shortlist

BIM-Connected, together with its partners TenneT and Qirion (part of Alliander), has been selected for our joint submission of inspiring examples of digital collaboration in our sector. Out of 45 submitters, we are selected for the shortlist of 10 initiatives.

The aim of this initiative was to provide TenneT, as a client, with structured and reliable information from its contractors. This is based on (open) standards in the industry, such as ISO19650, IFC, Linked Data (W3C) and ISO 21597 (ICDD containers). What makes this initiative special is that we have achieved the goal by using an ongoing project as a case study, involving key stakeholders and evaluating and improving together. TenneT as the client that set up requirements and preconditions, Qirion as contractor that carries out the project and has to deliver data back in accordance with these requirements and preconditions. And BIM-Connected as a specialist in digital information management and how to apply the aforementioned open standards .

This case has shown that the client and the contractor can work more efficiently and qualitatively by developing a good ILS (information delivery specification), correctly applying open standards and subsequently requiring less labour-intensive work due to the automatic data checks that can be performed. will be on the data provided.

Want to know more about this case? Or how you as a client or contractor can exchange (project) data more efficiently, faster and automated? Read our ‘data exchange’ blogs (in Dutch) on our website or contact us.

More info:

DigiDare Award | BIM Connected

16 November 2021

Data driven Facility Management as core value in 2022

Are you drowning in data to optimize the maintenance of your buildings? Curious about how BIM can help you structure your Asset information? Interested in the BIM visualization of the state of your physical asset?

Data-driven Facility Management is one of the core themes for 2022. This is endorsed by FMN – Facility Management Netherlands. BIM-Connected does a lot in this area. We are convinced that the BIM philosophy provides added value for Facility Management.

On a technological level, we work on cases in which a BIM-model is linked to a Facility Management system. This improves the representation (or digital twin), by combining the asset data from earlier life phases with new information.

Our easily applicable and light-weight tool BIM-Bridge bridges the gap between the BIM-model and the Facility Management system. Data can easily be added bi-directionally, creating valuable information for analyses, controls and decisions.

Would you like to know more about how BIM-Connected optimizes your facility management processes? Follow our publications, webinars or contact us for a good conversation or demo!

17 September 2021

BIM-Connected knowledge sessions

(internal) Knowledge sharing is a high priority at BIM-Connected. Started again today with a knowledge session at the office. This was about the strengths of BIM-Bridge (demo). Next week discussion and question and answer on: Why semantic web / linked data? The week after: Reasoning and semantics workshop.

Glad we can do this again at the office!

9 September 2021

Semantics Conference 2021

Monday 6th and Wednesday 8th of September some of our consultants were on two inspiring days of the SEMANTiCS Conference in Amsterdam. Interesting and cool talks about new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations in the fields of Linked Data and Semantic AI.

10 July 2021

Job offer: software developer (medior)

For our software platform BIM-Bridge we are looking for a medior software developer with at least 2 year of development experience! Are you the one who want to join a great team where innovation is of paramount importance?

Check the vacancy over here on our website.

Questions, want to see our software platform, coffee or to apply? Mail or call us! We’re happy to have a chat with you.

21 June 2021

Team day in real life again!

Super! After a long time we finally were together as team again. Vision, projects, innovations and a lot of fun!

A successful day!