23 June 2022

DigiDare Award | BIM-Connected selected for shortlist

BIM-Connected, together with its partners TenneT and Qirion (part of Alliander), has been selected for our joint submission of inspiring examples of digital collaboration in our sector. Out of 45 submitters, we are selected for the shortlist of 10 initiatives.

The aim of this initiative was to provide TenneT, as a client, with structured and reliable information from its contractors. This is based on (open) standards in the industry, such as ISO19650, IFC, Linked Data (W3C) and ISO 21597 (ICDD containers). What makes this initiative special is that we have achieved the goal by using an ongoing project as a case study, involving key stakeholders and evaluating and improving together. TenneT as the client that set up requirements and preconditions, Qirion as contractor that carries out the project and has to deliver data back in accordance with these requirements and preconditions. And BIM-Connected as a specialist in digital information management and how to apply the aforementioned open standards .

This case has shown that the client and the contractor can work more efficiently and qualitatively by developing a good ILS (information delivery specification), correctly applying open standards and subsequently requiring less labour-intensive work due to the automatic data checks that can be performed. will be on the data provided.

Want to know more about this case? Or how you as a client or contractor can exchange (project) data more efficiently, faster and automated? Read our ‘data exchange’ blogs (in Dutch) on our website or contact us.

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DigiDare Award | BIM Connected