25 July 2022

DigiDare Award 2022 | Video about BIM-Connected’s nominated case

Watch the video (in Dutch) of our nomination project for the DigiDare Awards 2022 below. 2 Weeks ago, a film crew visited us to make a video about our nomination project, a collaboration with TenneT and Qirion.

Together with TenneT and Qirion, BIM-Connected has drawn up an ILS (information delivery specification), tested and updated where necessary. The testing process was based on a real ongoing project for which TenneT is the client and Qirion the contractor. The aim of TenneT, and its ILS, is to receive structured and reliable data from the contractor. An unique tool to support this process is the BIM-Connected data control portal, which allows the contractor to check its own data (BIM models in IFC and alphanumeric data) against TenneT’s requirements. Quick insight, quick response to errors and garantee of delivering qualitative data during the process.

What makes this project special is that this is an example project for other parties, especially clients such as asset owners. Namely, well known industry standards have been applied. Think of the BIM standard ISO 19650, geometric data based on IFC, alphanumeric data based on Linked Data (NEN 2660) and the data exchange based on ICDD (ISO 21597). In addition, the TenneT standards EIR (Exchange Information Requirements), GIR (Geometric Information Requirements) and the ILS.

Would you like to know more about this nominated project? Contact Jakko Heinen – jakko.heinen@bim-connected.com – 06 53339382.