16 November 2021

Data driven Facility Management as core value in 2022

Are you drowning in data to optimize the maintenance of your buildings? Curious about how BIM can help you structure your Asset information? Interested in the BIM visualization of the state of your physical asset?

Data-driven Facility Management is one of the core themes for 2022. This is endorsed by FMN – Facility Management Netherlands. BIM-Connected does a lot in this area. We are convinced that the BIM philosophy provides added value for Facility Management.

On a technological level, we work on cases in which a BIM-model is linked to a Facility Management system. This improves the representation (or digital twin), by combining the asset data from earlier life phases with new information.

Our easily applicable and light-weight tool BIM-Bridge bridges the gap between the BIM-model and the Facility Management system. Data can easily be added bi-directionally, creating valuable information for analyses, controls and decisions.

Would you like to know more about how BIM-Connected optimizes your facility management processes? Follow our publications, webinars or contact us for a good conversation or demo!